Vice President Biden in Big F*#%@ing Car Wreck

Vice President and sometimes pretend Sheriff Joe Biden’s motorcade was involved in yet another accident today, bringing the total number of accidents his motorcade has been in to somewhere around 23.

14 people sustained various injuries, though their names were not released as they are liberals and no one cares.  Biden was thought to have suffered massive head trauma after he responded to the following questions from paramedics on the scene:

  • When asked who his boss was, Biden answered, “Barack America!
  • Prompted to spell a three letter word, Biden proudly rattled off: J-O-B-S.
  • Asked what year it was Biden insisted, “It’s 1929! The year television was born.”
  • Skeptical paramedics then asked him to name the Vice President of the United States. Biden promptly replied, “Hillary.”

Satisfied that he was was acting normally, paramedics released the Vice President without administering medical attention.

As to the other 14 people who were injured in this completely avoidable tragedy, there is good news…

I just saved a bunch of money on health insurance by switching to Socialism!

They just spent a bunch of money on health insurance by switching to Socialism!

photoshop by: @ericinva

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