Sarah Palin writes on her hands, probably uses a wooden computer

The left is climaxing over Sarah Palin writing a few crib notes on her hand.  They have finally found the evidence they need to convince America that a woman is too stupid to be President.

I won’t go so far as to claim that they are stupid, but women do have a lot of things clogging up their pretty little heads.

We're gonna make it after all!

And I’m not just talking about making babies here.  Oh, no.  If that were all, there would be no problem with someone like Palin engaging in something so manly as politics. Today’s female has a multitude of pressing issues on her mind:


Sharing the latest gossip with the girls.

Doing laundry.

There is obviously no need to go into the various substantive issues of Palin’s speech.  She is a woman.  And not even an acceptable, bra-burning feminist. The fact that a housewife from Alaska can even write on her hand is surprising in itself.  Consider that she can also read from it, and  it is not hard to understand why liberals were shocked.

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