President Obama Present at Bin Laden Meeting

Sources tell Knifework News that President Obama was physically present in the room when he and administration staff watched the SEAL team perform the assault on the compound holding Osama Bin Laden.

Photo Courtesy AP and HuffPo

Staff minimized the risk to the nation having Obama present, saying he was often located in a particular place at a certain point in time.

Physically Present in the Room

Boldly seated in the situation room, President Obama exercised decisive leadership in being in the same room when the order was given to kill Osama bin Laden. “When the order came down from [known militarist Leon] Panetta,” aides said of Obama, “he was just amazing, sitting there quietly in his chair. His ability to just be there is truly is inspirational.”

None are more physically accounted for than Obama, who as President lives in the White House, and gets his postal mail delivered there.

Everyone Noticed Him

In what high-ranking members of the media have called a “gutsy move“, the President occupied his chair almost from the beginning of the meeting. “We all knew who he was, and it was made even more clear when he started saying quietly, in that statesmanlike way of his, ‘I am the president.’”

There is speculation that the president even spoke on several occasions, asking to have objects brought to him, further proving his actual presence in a real way.

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