Michelle “Antoinette” Obama Sets Frantic Vacation, Campaign Schedule

Democrats are planning to give First Lady Michelle “Antoinette” Obama a plus-sized role in the fall campaign season. After sitting in on a European vacation seminar in Spain, First Lady Michelle “Antoinette” Obama will return to America to lead by example in the vital area of GOTV – Gorging On The Vacation.

The Obamas have several vacation stays planned in the U.S., as well. Yet Politico reports that despite her frenzied pace, Mrs. Obama will still find time to campaign to keep her man in power.

Some analysts were skeptical that Michelle “Antoinette” Obama could really deliver the Republican House majority her husband needs for his 2012 campaign. But according to lifelong Democrat and Obama strategist Harry Mauler, “We need a big presence in the Congressional races — and no one is bigger than M.A.O.”

MAO is always determined to be the bigger person

“There are still some Republicans and Independents — mostly CBS viewers — who don’t get the news and  have not been alienated by the President’s handling of the economy, health care, the military, the Gulf oil spill, and taxes,” Mauler intimated.  She’s going to finish the job.”

One of the most important lessons learned by the woman behind the President is that ordinary people have to carefully watch their travel budget.

In Spain Obama saw first hand the troubles facing desk clerks, waiters, massage therapists, pastry chefs, and other young men. Her heart was moved, according to sources, who denied rumors that she spent hours consoling each of them in her suite, often two or three at once. Aides noted that “there is plenty of Michelle to go around.”

Things may be somewhat different for planned vacation stays on the Gulf Coast and at Martha’s Vineyard. “But there will still be golf outings for the President, a perfect time for her to sample the local talent.”

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