Happy Birthday, Mr. President

On August 5th, 2010, the President of the United States, Barack Obama celebrated his 49th birthday. We think*.  Because Mr. Obama is the leader of the free world, with virtually unlimited resources at his disposal, we were unsure at first of what to get him.

Initially, we recalled that the President is a family man.  What then, would be a better gift for a family man than a nice birthday dinner with his lovely wife and daughters?  We had arranged for a private dinner at Chez L’ego in downtown D.C.  Unfortunately, the First Lady was called out of town at the last minute for official first lady business.  Oh well, she’s not really all that pleasant to be around anyway.

Plan B:  Just Barry and the girls at Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  Since the President is notorious for his difficulty making up his mind, we planned to close down all 22 restaurants in the D.C. area and hope for the best.  Then we remembered that whole childhood-obesity thing… The best task-force begins at home, as they say.  Also, Sasha went with Michelle.  Oops.

In a last ditch effort to salvage this historic birthday (it is, of course, only the second time a black President of the United States has celebrated a birthday while in office – as far as we know, anyway**), we tried to arrange a trip for the remaining pieces of the First Family to jet to Chicago for time together in their old Hyde Park neighborhood.  Ah, memories…

Except Malia was at summer camp.  Women… Can never count on them for anything, even to attend an historic birthday party for the greatest guy who ever lived.

Sigh.  Would you accept Oprah as a consolation prize, Mr. President?  Good. We thought you might.

*Not a birther.
**Still not a birther.

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