Vice President Biden Shames Critics With Performance

In the wake of the recent Health Care Summit, Critics of the Obama Administration are conceding grudging admiration for Vice President Joseph Biden in his handling of his nearly insurmountable workload.

“He’s making it look easy,” said a former senior member of John McCain’s campaign staff. “Sarah Palin would have made blunders, maybe even quit by now.” Former Alaska Governor Palin was the Republican 2008 Vice Presidential nominee, picked by John McCain to balance the ticket with an actual Republican.

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But his staunchest critics have been forced to say that Biden proved himself prescient in the hours leading up to the President’s Health Care Summit, saying, “This could end up not being good.”

While some expressed skepticism during the 2008 Vice Presidential campaign that Biden was up to the job, he has proved them wrong. Biden himself summed up their error at the Summit. “It’s easy being Vice President,” said the former US Senator from Delaware, shrugging off the crushing weight of the office. Biden then strongly agreed with a summit attendee, who had said, “It’s like being the grandpa and not the parent.”

But it is in the area of deep political strategy that Biden has shown the most grace under pressure. Refusing to allow Republicans to compromise so that they would get credit for handing President Obama a victory, Biden put his foot down. “Either you’re in or you’re out, ” Biden said. The two sides retrenched to their partisan positions, and the Republicans were not able to sacrifice their principles on the altar of political suicide.  Mr. Obama was assured of sole responsibility for health care reform, thanks in no part to Biden’s leadership.

Asked if the stress of the office may be taking its toll on the Vice President, aides were surprised. “No, I think he’s positioned himself well for 2012, to continue the Obama success story. He should do almost as well at the top of the ticket as he did in 2008.”

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